Welder TIG and MAG

Company now deal mainly with complex projects related to gas-fired power plants, hydrogen and CO2 capture and storage, as well as process technologies in the food industry.

We are looking for a welder.

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You will make a very significant contribution to exciting assignments for our clients. We can meet the most stringent requirements and work on projects such as a mining system that will be 250m below sea level, pipelines under PED, pressure tanks, X-rays etc.
After studying the drawings, you will choose the welding procedure and method (MIG/MAG, TIG etc), assemble and post weld the product, fully weld and then clean the welds and prepare the product for final inspection.

It now produces, for example, pressure vessels, turbine covers for gas power plants,... next year we will also produces hydrogen energy machines for Siemens here.



  • Practical welding experience (MIG/MAG, TIG)
  • Good knowledge of drawing documentation



location - town of Trebic, 1hour drive from Brno



 6-14:00, morning shift only, overtime possible !!


MAG 215 CZK/hour and TIG 235 CZK/hour - brutto

40 000 per month
master welder can have up to 50 000 CZK



25 days vacation
Work clothes provided

travel allowance up to CZK 2,000/month

hot and cold lunches in our canteen at subsidised prices (from 34 CZK per lunch), drinks are available at the workplace throughout the shift
other bonuses

40 000-50 000 CZK
indefinite period
25 days vacation