NC operator

The company in Brno is looking for employees for the "NC Operator" position in Brno. The company is a world leader in high-performance hydrostatic drives.

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The use of special equipment in producing components for hydraulic motors: adjustment, cleaning, lubrication.

Informing about all possible defects, following the instructions for use of the machine. Control, and maintenance of the machine, tools, and sensors.

Work in programs Sinumerik and Fanuc.

reading drawings, correcting, knowledge of measuring instruments

piece production



Three-shift production / Continuous production (depending on current production needs).




Attention! The salary consists of several parts:

  • guaranteed salary - 27,000 - 32,000 based on experience + 0 + 16%
  • surcharge for shifts according to the law + work on weekends (Saturday)

In total, you can earn 32 000 -35 000 Kč

After training, with good work - from 38 000 kč

Next bonus: for each worked Saturday + 500 kroons.



Accommodation is provided, the monthly price is 6000 CZK, and the employer pays an additional 3500 CZK until the end of March 2024. After  you pay for the housing in full yourself.


  • 5 weeks vacation
  • surcharge for transport to work in accordance with the tariff zone (within Brno approx. 14 kc/shift)
  • Supplement 5 kc/hour for work in continuous production
  • meal supplement
  • Supplement for food in Delikomat vending machines in the amount of 150 kroons/month
  • contribution of 1000 kc for supplementary pension or life insurance
  • annual salary audit
  • cultural events and team building
  • professional development support

32 000
accommodation is provided
8 hours